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You can submit complaints to hg@stw.uni-heidelberg.de. If you want to remain anonymous, you can send them in via Compliments & Critique.

Organic products (fruit and vegetables)

Products from ecological and organic sources are used where possible and financially viable in the Heidelberg student union.


You can find comprehensive information about our CampusCard in the ServiceCenters.

Meat products from ecological and animal-friendly sources.

Ecological issues in general have a large influence on decisions made in the Heidelberg student union. Meat products from ecological and animal-friendly sources are used where possible and financially viable.

Lost property

You can inquire about lost property found in all Heidelberg student union buildings by contacting the following email addresses.

For lost property like clothes, bags, etc.:

For valuable items like wallets, credit and EC cards, etc.:


Student ID cards are immediately sent to the respective Student Office.


Lost CampusCards (with coloured stripes, e.g. yellow, red, blue, etc.) are kept in the ServiceCenter in Altstadt (old town) or in the InfoCafé International in Neuenheimer Feld.

GM food?

No! We consciously use no 'GM food' in our canteens and cafeterias as we are skeptical of 'green' GM technologiy and do not think the current state of research is adequate.

Information about university catering

The university catering department will be happy to answers questions at
hg@stw.uni-heidelberg.de.  Our employees on-site are also happy to help you.
You can send in your opinion about our offer through Compliments & Critique.


Placing and distributing information in student union catering facilities is strictly subject to approval. Distributing commercial adverts is expressly forbidden. Please send applications for approval to put up or distribute information to pr@stw.uni-heidelberg.de.

Opening times

The Opening times at our canteens and cafés are geared towards the needs of students, as well towards the requirements of individual university locations.


Posters may only be put up in Heidelberg student union buildings after explicit approval from the student union.
Please hand in your posters to Marstallhof 1, 69117 Heidelberg (room 001). For more information, please contact pr@stw.uni-heidelberg.de.

Vegan offer

We offer at least one vegan main meal daily in the Triplex canteen, central canteen and zeughaus canteen. You can look forward to a vegan salad buffet at the zeughaus canteen.

Vegetarian offer

Yes! We offer at least one vegetarian meal daily in all of our canteens. You can even put together a vegetarian meal at one of our buffet counters, which serve a varied range of vegetables and meat-free ingredients. You can find more information in our menus.

Event rooms

Heidelberg student union provides support for cultural events. Venues for student events can be arranged against compensation for use, refunded expenses and a deposit.
Please send requests for event rooms to pr@stw.uni-heidelberg.de
Request form for event rooms in the student union

Payment method

You can only pay using CampusCard in the canteens. In all other buildings you can pay with cash.
Important! Paying with CampusCard for students means you always get the best deals: if you pay with cash then the higher guest price will be charged automatically. This is why students should only pay using their CampusCard in all student union buildings. The CampusCard has even more benefits, since paying is quick and helps to reduce the waiting time in canteens. It also helps to simplify handling accounting and booking, meaning it's more economical for the Heidelberg student union.
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