Allgemeine Information für Heidelberg

Things you should know...

Accommodation in Heidelberg is both sparse and expensive. There are around 36,000 students who need a roof over their head, so with around 7,000 new students arriving in the winter semester, the housing market is especially challenging at this time (September/October). In contrast, around 2,500 arrive in the summer. However, at the beginning of the winter semester, only around 1,000 - 1,500 rooms become free (in the summer semester this number is around 500 - 700) of which half are assigned to international and German students. This means that, unfortunataely, only a small proportion (around 13%) of all new students find accommodation in a student hall. The rest have to look for accommodation in the private housing market. Rent prices are generally high in Heidelberg, and there is a real shortage of reasonably priced living space. You'll need to factor in around €450 a month for a 1-room apartment on the private housing market. A room in a private flat share can be found for around €250-€350. Heidelberg student union provides around 4,800 rooms in flat shares in around 65 halls of residence to students at Heidelberg. The rental price of rooms in flat shares are between €170 and €350 according type and facilities. More details...

Tip: it is much cheaper to live in the areas surrounding Heidelberg than in the city itself. And with the Semesterticket you can get to university quickly and cheaply.


Whilst you're looking for accommodation

You should plan in enough time  to look for a place to live in Heidelberg. The best way to do this is to be in Heidelberg yourself. You can't assume that you'll find your perfect room within a couple of days, so we recommend you book a room in a cheap hostel, a hotel or in a B&B during the time you're looking for accommodation.

Examples of cheap hostels in Heidelberg are:

Jugendherberge Heidelberg

Steffi’s Hostel

Lotte Hostel

Boarding House Heidelberg

Seven Days Boarding House Heidelberg

Allgemeine Information für Heilbronn

Things you should know...

454 rooms and apartments in three student halls in Heilbronn are available for students. This means that only 11% of students in Heilbronn can have a room in a student hall of residence. Around 100 to 150 rooms become free at the start of each semester, but the number of applications is then double. Rents in halls of residence are between €231 and €315 a month depending on the type of room and the facilities. In any case, we recommend you apply early for a room in a hall of resdence, whilst also looking for rooms on the private housing market.

The halls of residence are only a couple of minutes walk from the university and canteen. All rooms have TV and internet connections. You can find detailed information about the halls in Heilbronn here.

Allgemeine Information für Bad Mergentheim

Things you should know...

There is a total of 35 rooms in two halls of residence in Bad Mergentheim. The halls are located in some beautiful castle grounds, and are very close to the Cooperate State University which is also located on the grounds. All rooms come with telephone and TV connections as well as internet. The rents are between €150 and €250 per month depending on the type of room or facilities. Just like at other university locations, rental contracts are settled for at least one entire semester (including semester breaks or practical semesters). You can sublet your room during practical semesters.
You can find detailed information about the halls in Bad Mergentheim here.

Allgemeine Information für Mannheim

Things you should know...

The Heidelberg student union runs a hall of residence with 129 rooms especially for students of medicine who are matriculated at the University of Heidelberg but study at the medicine faculty in Mannheim. The hall is located in the Neckarstadt quarter, very close to the Neuer Messplatz. All rooms are equipped with telephone, TV and internet. Rents are between €315 and €363 depending on the type of room and facilities. You can find detailed information about the halls in Mannheim here.

Allgemeine Information für Mosbach

Things you should know...

Furthermore, the building next to it, located in the Odenwaldstraße 16, keeps 84 single apartments for DHBW students. This residency was finished in 2019. Depending on the type of room and the facilities, the monthly rents differs from 319,50 to 325 Euro. There is an underground car park underneath the new construction that keeps space for the cars of some of the residents. With a monthly rent of 15 Euro, they are pretty inexpensive. The DHBW on Lohrtalweg (450 m), the DHBW on Neckarburkener Straße (1 km) and the old town (250 m) are within walking distance. As at other university locations, rental contracts are concluded for at least one full semester (including the lecture-free period or the practical phase). During the practical phases you have the possibility to sublet your room.

You can find detailed information about our hall in Mosbach here.

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